American Oak and French Oak wine barrels for wineries and the home wine maker are available in 220 litre, 320 litre and 550 litre. We sell 2nd hand wine barrels and can also carry out repairs and service on your existing barrels.

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Our 2nd hand wine barrels are approximately 5 years old and are guaranteed to be fresh and serviced.

220 litre French & American Oak Barriques from $250
320 litre French & American Oak Hogsheads from $280
550 litre French & American Oak Puncheons from $400
50 & 100 litre barrels manufactured on request

Scrape and scorching services are available for wine barrels purchased from us. All work carried out is full guaranteed.

220 litre barrels $65
320 litre barrels $75
550 litre barrels $150

25, 50 & 100 litre spirit barrels for maturing all types of spirits. They can be lightly toasted or a heavy char. American & French oak available.

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25 litre barrels $350
50 litre barrels $440
100 litre barrels $590

Complete with cradle, tap & filler plug

New American Oak off-cuts & shavings $5 per kilogram



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